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Friday, January 15, 2010

Domino's Pizza: New Recipe

It has long been known that Domino's pizza is awful. So when Pizza Club heard that Domino's was attempting to revive their fallen status in the pizza-world with a new recipe, we decided we must try it. Pizza Club got out their coupons and sat down on January 14 to decide whether this new recipe suited their taste buds or not. As we dined on 4 pizzas, we posed two questions for discussion: (i) Is the new recipe better than the old one? (ii) Is Domino's now worth a damn?

We concluded that (i) YES the new recipe is an improvement, and that (ii) YEAH while it's not the finest pizza in the world, the new Domino's is pretty darn good for home delivery style pizza.

The new recipe seems to include three main changes: crust, sauce, and cheese. The new crust is quite an improvement in that it actually tastes like pizza crust whereas it previously seemed like substitute pizza crust food product. However, now there is some herb mix (Parmesan, oregano, garlic, etc) that is used heavily on the crust that I could do without. The new sauce has a nice sweetness to it, and the cheese is much improved. I seem to recall the old Domino's having a very salty flavor, but this was not a problem with the new recipe.

Of the four pizzas we tried (cheese, pepperoni, red pepper & onion, pepperoni & jalapeno), the pepperoni and the roasted red pepper & onion were the most successful. The plain cheese fell flat compared to the others, and the jalapeno & pepperoni was pretty good, although it proved to be the least popular among Pizza Club members.

In conclusion, Pizza Club decided that the new Domino's is now close to the quality of Papa John's. Take that for what it's worth.

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