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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Il Vicino

Pizza club is always looking for ways to help out the community by eating pizza, so when we found out that Il Vicino in Clayton was giving proceeds to local non-profit College Bound on a single night in February we were enthusiastic.

Il Vicino serves individual sized pizzas (about 12 inches) that comes as close to real Italian pizza as I've seen in St. Louis. They use the right ingredients and cook in a big hot oven in the middle of the room. This is the only pizzeria in the US that I've seen serve the olio piccante(spicy olive oil) that I fell in love with in Italy and used to flavor the pizza crust at the end of the meal.

At Il Vicino I recommend that you stick with simple pizzas. Try the pepperoni, margherita, or salsiccia and enjoy the fine flavors that come from each of the pure and simple ingredients. Personally, I think they have one of the finest pepperoni pizzas in St. Louis and it is near perfect every time. Several other members of Pizza club got the vegetarian calzone and were not impressed, and this just reinforces the idea that a simple pizza is best.

In the end, Il Vicino has delicious and earnest pizza at a reasonable price.

Note: Il Vicino means "The neighbor" and is pronounced ill-vih-chee-no.

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